Antonious is a strong and passionate advocate when it comes to all areas of family law, domestic and family violence and criminal defence.

He commenced his studies in law at James Cook University in Townsville and transferred to the Queensland University of Technology from which he graduated in 2005. Antonious’ experience in Courts throughout Queensland together with his meticulous preparation of client files has resulted in the high reputation he has amongst his colleagues and clients.

Antonious brings with him a wealth of experience in family law and a reputation as a powerful advocate for the rights and entitlements of all clients.

Antonious has successfully defended his clients’ charges in many criminal jurisdictions for a variety of offences.Very few legal practitioners have Antonious’ ability to represent clients in the extremely demanding areas of family, domestic violence and criminal law simultaneously. Unfortunately in today’s climate, many clients require representation in all three jurisdictions due to the complexities of family violence. Antonious’ legal representation in such sensitive and difficult matters will help you and your family navigate this difficult terrain.

Through private negotiations, or from recourse to the Courts, Antonious consistently achieves excellent outcomes for his clients.

If you are facing any family law issues (whether it involves drafting agreements or attendance at Court) or requiring criminal defence representation, you can be confident that Antonious’ legal advocacy experience and complete knowledge of all matters relating to his various areas of legal practice, will ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family.